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Vision Painting prides itself on quality. We believe in the old adage “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!” Each foreman carries the responsibility of checking behind all work performed and representing the situation honestly to our costumer. Many painting companies will try to short cut the processes however Vision Painting seeks return customers and satisfied customers to quick profits, any day. We also do not allow jobs to be performed or managed by inexperience men. Each of our crew leaders possess training and years of industry experience which is vital for a good quality product. Also, we heavily rely on Sherwin Williams and their years of coatings experience in providing us with quality materials and tools for every situation. At Vision Painting quality is not a sales pitch but an everyday requirement.


Painting as with any level of craftmanship requires a systematic approach and process. Proper surface preparation is vital in producing a quality product. Vision Painting has both the knowledge and equipment to carry out the necessary procedures for any job. Even a simple interior wall painting project is inspected for drywall imperfections and failing joints or caulk. These items are repaired and replaced before painting begins. Each coat of paint is sanded in between coats and areas are cleaned of dust and debris to ensure the smoothest most uniform finish and maximum adherence. In our flooring department all concrete is prepared to the CSP (Concrete Surface Prep) required by the product manufacturer. This preparation is done with diamond grinding or shot blasting. These steps cannot be over emphasized along with proper mixing procedures and strict adherence to recoat windows. Vision Painting prides itself with quality projects and quality projects do not come without in depth and strict procedures.


A project cannot be done correctly or efficiently without the proper tools. Vision Painting uses only top of the line and industrial grade tooling on all our projects. Starting with high quality paint provided by Sherwin Williams, PPG, Benjamin Moor etc.. to Purdy bushes and rollers. Our airless sprayers are Titans and Graco’s which are meticulously maintained and maintenance by our inhouse repair facility. Our power washers are belt driven units with optional sidewalk cleaning attachments. We utilize Husqvarna floor grinders with Husqvarna diamond tooling. Our PG 830RC remote control is ideal for grinding and polishing. The remote-control system allows the operator to manage cables and hoses while in operation with 40% higher production. Couple that with our DC6000 Vac and we create A dust-free environment with low noise making for a better workplace. The blower runs quietly and leaves no airborne dust. The HEPA 13 rated filters meet health environment standards. Longo Pac bags allows fast and dust free disposal into individually sealed plastic bags. Vision Painting takes pride in all areas of our equipment. From the vehicle we arrive in, to the tools we use on the job, even the uniforms we wear reflect our commitment to quality workmanship and your project.